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Surfer Girl Hawaii
Surfer Girl Hawaii

An online store offering a complete line of waterproof cosmetics, organic skincare and handmade fashion by Roxana Turnbo.

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Surfer Girl Hawaii Island Fashion
Surfer Girl Hawaii Island Fashion

Debuting the first Ready-to-Wear Island Fashion handmade by self-taught Roxana Turnbo at Hawaii Fashion Week. Featuring models Lacy Love and Mary Smith.

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Ready-to-Wear Collection for Surfer Girl Hawaii at Hawaii Fashion Week.
Ready-to-Wear Collection for Surfer Girl Hawaii at Hawaii Fashion Week.

Debuting the very first fashion collection handmade by self- taught Roxana Turnbo, the owner of Surfer Girl Hawaii. Here is a still shot with featured international model, Mary Smith @earthy.mary

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Surfer Girl Hawaii
Surfer Girl Hawaii

An online store offering a complete line of waterproof cosmetics, organic skincare and handmade fashion by Roxana Turnbo.

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Makeup is POWER.

You can't imagine what it's like to lose it, especially through my self-discovery journey.

Before my awakening, it seemed like I was born to struggle. The life of a single mom was hard and weary. Most days I couldn't even make ends meet. After a while of living in survival mode, becoming homeless 3x's, having three previous divorces, and an autoimmune disease which I self-healed three years after diagnosis,  I just lost hope and forgot how to dream. 

My name is Roxana Margarita Turnbo.

Making, creating, and designing products for outer beauty is my passion.

A passion that began from a very young age, seeing my Stepmother do hair and makeup for her family, friends & church sisters. Hasn't been easy, but no matter what, I refused to give up on my dreams that were in deep hibernation. One of my many dreams sparked while I was sewing the Hula Facemasks after launching my company Gingrr Salt. LLC during the massive mask shortage at the beginning of 2020. Fast forward a few months later meanwhile fulfilling my handmade orders,
"Covid 19 you will not take makeup away from us either!" I said out loud. That's the moment my heart and mind became consumed with "Wouldn't it be nice to create a solution to women feeling more confident under their facemasks? Wouldn't it be incredible to find the miracle products that can stay on any face without running off or smudging?" 

GRR GRRL CosMEtics was born with the patented trademark & hashtag #grr. My intention with the branding was to inspire fierce, confident attitudes in fighting the pandemic as ONE collective, hence the word #GRR.

Several months after launching the waterproof, smudge-resistant cosmetic line, I wanted to launch fashion swag with the trademark displayed on all swag. After patent research and legal advice, I found out I couldn't develop or expand GRR GRRL CosMEtics past cosmetics.

That became a flag as another personal passion is fashion and being self-taught in design, my entrepreneurial mind was headed towards a lifestyle-encompassing brand.


Now I needed to make a massive business rebranding but to what other name?


It had only been a few months since I had just launched

GRR GRRL CosMEtics. What was I going to do?

Being a Virgo, I knew my heart & mind wouldn't shut off until

an aha moment.

A few hours after racking my brain and the internet, I needed fresh air, a drive, and dinner with my kids. 

That mid-afternoon on the North Shore near the food trucks

 in Oahu, Hawaii, I had the "AHA" moment, the vision, branding, logo, events, stores, and fashion design ideas, came flooding down in a display of info-dumping b-roll.

The name "Surfer Girl Hawaii"  echoed, as I stared at the rack of Surf Boards against the shack and looked beyond the fire station, the beach, and the tourists toward the magnificent waves crashing in the sunset. 


On the drive home I realized that there were no waterproof/sweatproof niche brands or at least not an all encompassing brand that takes a girl from the beach to her next adventure without "freshening up". 

I knew that the Makeup would need to be waterproof and capable of lasting all day.  The fashion must be functional, dynamic, rare & embodying our paradise meanwhile adorning the body.


"Surfer Girl Hawaii" was born within the hour of arriving home after the sunset. I couldn't believe that the URL was available too, I knew it was meant to be. The Universe gifted me with the gift that will always keep gifting!

 I chose the color Royal Blue not only because it is my inner child's favorite color but also because Source/universe painted the branding for me in my head and then by confirmation, the island has wild, gorgeous Peacocks with the same royal/indigo "Blue" and other beautiful colors that inspire 100 more collections.

Surfer Girl Hawaii became the bridge of combining my eighteen years of Cosmetology and two loves:

Fashion Design and Makeup.

Let's talk about Makeup
Makeup can be free of bondage. The choice is yours.
makeup is beauty.
Makeup is emotional, intimate, and personal.
Makeup is self-expression.
Makeup & Fashion tells us who we are, what we like, and where we are going.


Many have a cain vs abel relationship with their makeup and self image. Most of us, often times place other affairs before our own like self-care. 
The dishes in the sink come first, the baby's diaper or the laundry has to be turned over into the dryer, let alone the bills you have to still pay before shutting your eyes. 

We don't make time to take care of ourselves. I know you know, what I mean. 
We already tell ourselves by self-talk that we are ugly, then we allow others to make us feel that way too. To add to the feeling of unworthiness, we dismiss our beauty, and self-care priority and we make ourselves feel ugly throughout the day, 
Because we made the choice to put ourselves last. 

This is why I created Surfer Girl Hawaii; waterproof niche cosmetics, organic skincare, and personally designed, handmade island fashion that you barely have to check in the mirror. Tested and proven, Your look will last all day without consuming time to re-touch or live attached to the mirror.


Most importantly, I created Surfer Girl Hawaii upon the inspiration of the universe, with the awareness that we are all connected. I know that if another human feels, and looks good, then we all feel and look good and raise the vibrations as a collective.

If I can help uplift one person, then I'm helping to lift all of us UP.

Surfer Girl Hawaii gives me the confidence to SLAY MY DAY.

To have an advantage over or fair chance against the weather through any adventure and still look enhanced and feel confident in my/your own skin.

Wonderful Makeup looks leads us to more opportunities through our magnetizing glow-up. 

It is a simple story of a company and creator that desires - higher-self-activated Fashion, natural enhanced beauty with Organic skincare, and vegan/waterproof Makeup.

From the Beach to the streets. 

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